I love Italian recipes. They are simple, amazingly tasty and I never get bored with rich flavors of all the ingredients. And those deserts… One day I will prepare my version of Italian classic – Tiramisu, but today it’s the last recipe from the unconventional series – Rice Tart from Tuscany.

In Poland we have some deserts (cakes even) with semolina or, similarly to this recipe, with rice. However there is something special in this simple but elegant tart straight from hills of Tuscany. Maybe it’s the milky-sweet taste of baked pudding with an edge in the form of spicy rum. Or maybe it just has an Italian soul

Whatever it is, it is grand.

I found this recipe in Aleksandra Seghi cookbook full of Italian sun.

Carrarina Rice Tart

150g rice

7 eggs

300g sugar

0.5l milk

1 cup rum

10g vanilla sugar

pinch of salt

zest from one orange and one lemon

200ml double cream (for serving)

Cook the rice for 10 minutes in salted, boiling water. Pour off the water and leave it to cool. Mix eggs with sugar until it double the volume. Add rum, zest, vanilla sugar and pinch of salt. Slowly, while still mixing, add warm milk and stir.

Medium size springform spray with oil and powder it with flour. Put rice on the bottom and pour the eggs and milk mixture on top.

Bake for an hour in 180oC until the top will turn gold.

Cut when cooled and serve with whipped cream.

That’s it folks. Enjoy!



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