Iwona & Zuzia – Family Photoshoot

Is there anyone among you, who still remembers movie from 1997, “As Good As It Gets”?

It was with Jack Nicholson playing an OCD’ed writer, Helen Hunt as a waitress and a mother of a sick ten year old and Greg Kinnear as a painter with an artist’s block. The movie was funny, sweet and a little crazy, and a lot of quotes from that picture still applies in our reality even twenty years later. If you haven’t seen it, just go and fix that fast!

But, you might ask, why am I talking about a movie with regards to photoshoot post? Well, it’s because it helped me to understand that I am an artist too.
There is this one scene at the beggining of the movie where a character played by Greg Kinnear explain how an artist looks at people. He says that he or she traces those moments, where people are real, true and their humanity is visible with a bare eye, like iluminated by a ray of light.

It sounds cliche, I know… But what can I do, I share the same symptoms of madness 😀 I always liked looking at people, and I don’t mean stare at them, no 😀 Just look and really see those fleeting moments when people show who they really are.

That’s why I like weddings and family photoshoots the most. I love to preserve those simple moments for years to come as the greatest gift. Afterall, who doesn’t want to remember as vividly as possible?
And I can help with that 😀

Ok, wow… That came out a tad longer than I first imagined it 😀

Without any further delay, here is Iwona and her daughter Zuzia, both cute as hell and in even cuter flowery dresses 😀  We took those pictures in Oliwa Park in Gdańsk on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Scroll down to see my two beautiful models doing their magic 😀








(I do apologize for any mistakes in text – I’m not a native english speaker, but I try my best 😛 )

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