Chocolate Cake with Plums

This one does not need a lot of introduction 🙂

I have a perfect recipe for a sponge cake but this time I wanted chocolate an juicy plums tandem 😀 The only thing I can reccomend here is to find realy ripe fruits as this simple cake needs them to become a perfect sweet thing for sunday coffee!

125g butter

110g flour

2 spoons cocoa

125g powdered sugar

4 eggs

teaspoon of baking powder

few drops of vanilla scent

few ripe plums

Melt butter and cool it down. Mix flour, cocoa and baking powder in a bowl. Half of sugar whisk with egg whites; other half with yolks.

Add two spoons of egg whites mixture to the yolks and mix gently with a woodden spoon. Add vanilla and flour mixture. Mix  everything with a spoon. Add melted butter, stir and at the end add remaining egg whites.

Pour the mixture in a small baking tray. Cut the plums in half, remove the pit. Put fruits on top of the batter and push gently.

Bake for 45-50 minutes in 180 degrees.

That’s it folks. Enjoy!




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