Halloween begs for some DYI

Halloween is in a week time so though it’s not that gravely celebrated here in Poland, it’s a great excuse to do some DYI.

Decadent Brownie For Diabetics (And Not Only)

Name day of beloved Aunt-Grandma was approaching. Of course, as usuall, I hit the eternal “what gift should I buy? problem. She’s no longer reading books, needlework and such were never her thing and liqueurs would rather clash hard with all the medicaments she needs to take. Yet, Auntie loves sweets! Unfortunately, she’s diabetic so buying her…

Friday Lunches are The Best :)

I don’t know how about you, but I love Friday lunches. I think it’s the perspective of weeknd being so close makes me feel extra special happy and ready to cook. So I usually do and celebrate it with something tasty yet simple. Exactly like this pasta below 😀

Yeast Spiral Cake With Cherries and Chocolate Cream

Because I adore yeast cakes and home made jams. Also, sometimes I’m just short for jars and in order to prepare new preserves I need to use something fast. That’s how I come up with delights like the one below. It’s ideal for a Sunday afternoon desert 😀 Yeast: 20g yeast 1 teaspoon of sugar 1/2…